Cubers: Arena at DD
May 21st, 2018

Cubers: Arena is coming to Digital dragons in Krakow!


Kraków, Poland – Teyon, a Polish developer and digital publisher, and Tomasz Dziobek, the game developer, are happy to share news that Cubers: Arena will be presented at Digital Dragons, the video game industry conference held in Krakow on May 21-22. The game is being created for PC (via Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and Nintendo Switch™.


About the Game:

Cubers: Arena is a fast paced mix of Twin Stick and Hack & Slash games incorporated into a brawler arena. Take over a character called The Baller - he has been sold into slavery by his family, and now he has to defeat a master of gladiators to reclaim his freedom. While in a slave camp you will learn new skills and unlock customizable gear. There is a campaign mode available for solo play or 2 players which will award you with powerful gear and new versus and co-op games such as Dodgeball, Time Attack or Wrestling. Face hordes of enemies on 4 arenas, each with a unique theme, atmospheric effects, destructible environment and challenging boss fights at the end.


- Unique mix of twin stick and hack & slash
- 4 Arenas with different weather conditions
- Dynamic combat with collectible power-ups and destructible environment
- 25 Types of enemies and 4 bosses
- Lots of skills and gear to unlock and customize
- Friendly fire system - Enemies can kill each other
- 3 types of co-op and 5 types of versus games in the couch multi-player mode
- Campaign mode for up to 2 players
- Leaderboards system


The main HUB in the game is a slave camp called Oasis. This is the place where The Baller can visit a blacksmith to buy and upgrade his armour and weapons, a skill master to learn new powerful skills or a jawelcrafter for gems socketing. Players can choose from several available modes - Campaign, Co-op or Versus games, each available for up to 2 players in a local multiplayer mode.


Arena fights are very fast and challenging and they will require good reflex and coordination. An ability to move and fight at same time and in all directions grants a better control over a battlefield then in other click-based hack & slashers. The game offers a unique friendly fire system allowing your opponents to hurt each other, which adds plenty of tactical options. There are many types of enemies and traps that can be mixed.


To see the official game-play footage from the game, go here:

Also check out the official game trailer here:


We encourage everyone interested in the game to play it at Digital Dragons, the biggest game industry event in Central Europe, held in Krakow on May 21-22. You can register here:


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About Tomasz Dziobek

My name is Tomasz Dziobek and I am a producer at Teyon, a Polish video game developer and publisher, with 10 years of experience in creating games. During this time I worked on 3D art, textures, level design, animations and game-play design. All of this, plus the experience with Unreal Engine allowed me to start development of my own game. I am a big fan of action games and slashers, especially featuring a couch mode, so I have decided to make something new, interesting and different from other action titles. That’s why I’m making Cubers on my own, for me, my wife, and everyone who loves slashing hordes of enemies!

About Teyon

Teyon is a developer and digital publisher of video games for major platforms. Established in 2006 in Krakow, Poland, the company has since expanded, with offices in Lodz, Poland and Tokyo, Japan, which employ over 70 gaming enthusiasts. Using proprietary cross-platform technology, Teyon has been able to successfully release over 100 self-developed titles and has localized many more. For more information visit and

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