The city is your playground!

Prepare yourself for numerous new levels in five stunning locations. Pull off insane stunts on top of skyscrapers, speed down busy highways and take an intense ride through the suburbs while competing with others to get to the top of the leaderboards*!

Raise the bar by making the highest jumps or the most head-spinning flips in Stunt Mode! Try Time Attack and beat the best time at breakneck speeds! Take on the Challenge levels to test your skills!

Create your own unique levels in the Track Editor and share them with friends*!

Still not enough thrills? Then try downloading* more player-made tracks for endless replayability!

*Wireless internet connection required. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.


  • Invision Community: "With dozens of tracks to play initially and countless others waiting to be downloaded, there’s plenty of rag-dolly motorcycle goodness to get carried away with (...) Not one track was boring or remotely similar (...) it’s exhilarating and hugely enjoyable to say the least".
  • "Urban Trial Freestyle 2 is a content packed game that feels great to play (...) it truly shines as a Nintendo E-shop exclusive."
  • Nintendo Life: "Whether it's earning stars or designing and/or playing usermade levels, there's plenty of content here to keep coming back to."
  • Pure Nintendo: "Overall, Urban Trial Freestyle 2 is the best motorcycle stunt game I’ve ever played."
  • Nintendo Enthusiast: "With the hefty amount of courses, a track builder, online leaderboards, great visuals and engaging gameplay, I can definitely say that this game is worth picking up".


  • Numerous tracks in both Stunt and Time Attack mode
  • Additional challenge levels
  • Worldwide leaderboards
  • Level editor
  • Diversified environments with catching graphics
  • Bike and rider customization to fit your gameplay
  • Advanced physics including character rag-doll
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • 3DS
  • Available
  • Apr 20th 2017
  • Action/Sports
Fantasy Violence
ONLY $6.99
Teyon - Urban Trial Freestyle 2
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