Everything from action, to puzzle, to sports...it's all here in Party Planet!

There's a party and the whole planet is invited! Welcome to Party Planet, the ultimate collection of mini games for thrill-seeking party lovers and solo adventurers of all ages.

In Party Planet, up to four players can compete or cooperate to unlock a total of 30 fun-filled games as they climb, run, jump, sail, rocket, shoot, and even putt their way across 10 vibrant, exciting, living worlds.


  • 10 vibrant, animated, and all-out zany worlds for players to explore in the ultimate compilation of party games
  • The more players explore the more games they'll unlock, for a total of 30 family friendly party games
  • It wouldn't be a party without friends - up to 4 players can join in the fun for some friendly competitive or cooperative play on 18 of the games
  • Enjoy single-player or local multiplayer gaming from just about anywhere on the planet with one system and one game
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  • Nintendo Switch/eShop
  • Available
  • Dec 12th 2017
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Teyon - Party Planet
Gameplay and graphics © 2017 Teyon. The name Party Planet is a trademark of Mastiff, LLC.
Trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
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