The Japanese videogames market is one of the world's biggest, but it's also one of the most difficult to enter for foreigners.


We opened our Japanese branch Teyon Japan G.K. to help you bring your mobile and console games to this territory.


1) We are one of very few western companies licensed by Nintendo of Japan and Sony, with a proven track record of top grossing games. Currently we are focused on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 4 and PS Vita, but we are authorized also on the previous generation of devices.


2) Contrary to a common belief, mobile market is also different in Japan. Local app markets such as KDDI's smart Pass and Softbank's App Pass are impossible to enter without a Japanese office. And even more typical markets such as Google Play and App Store are difficult for western companies. In order to be successful you need great localization and monetize well. We know all local ad providers and can help you to optimize eCPM. Rather than with Admob or Chartboost you will be better off with ads provided by Nend, i-Mobile, Aid or many others! We know over 20 local ad providers and we can help you to use the right selection for your game or app. As the documentation and SDKs are usually only in Japanese, we will help you with integration and provide you with our translation of docs.


3) Our team will help you to localize your game (translation, redesign of logo and graphics), market it (copywriting, PR), test it (on console dev-kits or local mobile phones) and publish it. All translations are made by native speakers who will actually play your game, our QA team speaks Japanese and our marketing copies are always created by talented Japanese writers. Even logos are localized by a top Japanese artist.


You can see our portfolio of over 50 games published in Japan on the official website of the branch:


For more information contact us via the following email: